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My name: Sandra Love
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About me: I like to consider myself a crazy girl, that is living a crazy life in a crazy World. I like to have a lot of fun. As my favorite quotation, I can mention: “ Never regret what you did, regret what you did not!”. Or.. ”Live every second like is the last one”. I like to travel, to meet new people. I love music and clubbing. I like to make love but also to watch. To watch free porn movies on my computer along with my girlfriends. We have a lot of fun. I usually don’t really care for the next day, I like to live the moment. I like spaghetti, pizza and I love love love chocolate! I like to drink water..just kidding. I drink also water but I love cocktails and I also like to drink wine. My favorite cocktail is Orgasm. For my blogs. You will get to know me..better.
From: United States
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